LS Electric, new name of LS Industrial Systems


LS Electric is since March 2020 the new name of LS Industrial Systems (LSIS), the leading Korean multinational in the electricity sector whose products are sold in Spain and Portugal through Vector Motor Control Ibérica (VMC).

LS Chairman Koo Ja-kyun announced the name change at a shareholders meeting held on March 24 at LS Tower in Anyang (South Korea) as a new step for its expansion into the global market. "The proud name of LS Industrial Systems, which has been used throughout the growth of the company to be a leading company in the fields of industrial energy and automation, has completed its mission," Koo said, adding that with the new name from LS Electric, the company becomes "a global electric power equipment company".

LS Electric plans to expand its presence in the global market orienting its growth in solutions platforms for Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) and smart distribution networks, among others.

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